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An independent show presented by Tone Black Productions



13 – 17 February, 2018

EERTREE is the feedback of our actions echoing off the future.
It’s your ears tuned to the frequency of a dark room.
It’s the sound you make pulling bark from a dead tree.
It’s your finger on the button, both the machine and the machinery.

Tone Black Productions invites you to EERTREE: an engagement with everyday sonic realities, distorted. Be drawn in to things you hear all the time but never notice, and experience the small rooms and large sounds echoing from a world just out of reach. In a world of human-designed environments, what divides the artificial and the natural?

EERTREE lies somewhere between theatre and contemporary art, and showed at House Conspiracy, Brisbane from February 13 – 17, with multiple sessions daily between 1 – 6pm.

This show sold out its first season.

Photography by Savannah van der Niet. Footage by Tony Brumpton.